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Food City Car – Part Two

Ok, back to the story.

Lone Ranger and Tonto have finally figured out how to turn on their lightning fast steeds. So now their first objective…find Husband, because we now have baskets and can carry more stuff. Their search is met with Husband walking around the corner as his eyes pop out of his head. He is met with the image of two fourteen-year old boys weaving back and forth up the aisle with Ritalin shouting AND pointing, “We have baskets!” He did what any adult would do…he ran. He is now sprinting throughout Food City trying to get all the food. 

Realizing that Husband was trying to avoid them they did what any teenager would do…they tried to find him. In-between their search they decided to play chicken with each other. 

Chicken. Down Food City Aisles. On Rascals. I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Do you know how long that would take? These are not speedy vehicles. They had to charge them back up halfway down the aisle. 

Husband is not only running like a wild man, he is trying to avoid any Food City Management. He occasionally met Energetic or Ritalin on an aisle. They were either spending twenty minutes trying to back up a distance of four feet because they “saw something and wanted to pick it up and they couldn’t leave their Rascal.” Or they were playing bumper cars trying to make the other person drop what they were holding.

Husband finished, avoided any law enforcement from the Food City PD, and was out the door. Ritalin parked his Rascal and headed for the car. Energetic “needed to take it out to the parking lot” because “his ankle was hurting.” Wife and Reserved have been watching this from the car the whole time. They see Husband running like he just threw a grenade, Ritalin laughing, and Energetic taking a final lap in Indy 500. Everyone gets in the car and Energetic pulls the Rascal up to the door.

“Ok, hop on in Energetic.” said Wife while trying to stop laughing.

“I can’t get in the car.” 

“Yes you can. Just get off your Rascal and jump in.” replied Wife.

“No, I need to slide from my seat into the car. I don’t need to put weight on my ankle.” exclaimed the Teenage Emergency Room Surgeon. “I got it! I’ll turn around and back up to the door.”

Everyone else is now in the car as Energetic is backing up to the door beeping the entire time. Not to mention he drove forty yards away and then started backing up. People are now starting to watch.

As Husband is sitting there, face in hand laughing. He says, “I’m so glad no one is here to see this.” He looks over and notices people rolling laughing in their car in the spot next to them. He looks closer and realizes it’s their best friends. 

Energetic finally target locks the door and slides in and says, “I need one of those.”


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