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Snow Days

I’m in the South.

It’s snowed 8 inches.

That’s equivalent to 12 feet in Chicago.

Lives are paused for a snow day in the South.

I shall return after it has melted.

Viva el snow!


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Battle Cry of the Unqualified

Our Pastor started a series on “Love” this past Sunday. His focus for the series is probably the most famous chapter on the topic of love in the Bible (at least the most popular) I Corinthians Chapter 13. As he preached my mind kept drifting to this chapter.

I’ve read this many, many times. It’s a special chapter to me as well as every other Christian in the world. When I proposed to my wife I had a Bible inscribed with her new married name and this chapter highlighted inside. We have a line by line breakdown of the overly used and “ran-into-the-ground” word “Love.”

Here is the most widely read excerpt of I Corinthians 13.4-8a

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

How often Christians say we love but are too afraid to lay our actions against this chapter like a piece of tracing paper. We know instead of a beautiful picture we would be left with incongruous lines and unidentifiable shapes that no more construct a picture than throwing sticks on the ground.  

 As I read this over and over I continued to think how this is not me. I am so flawed. So I rewrote these verses to reflect my imperfections and need for a Savior who loves like this. I am so unqualified.

“I have zero patience. My kindness has limits. Unfortunately I am envious when I wish I wasn’t. I boast. My pride makes more decisions than it should. My rudeness is married to every ounce of my selfishness. Fits of anger leap from my personality with ease. The list of mistakes others have caused me shine in my memory like a spotlight. I don’t enjoy wrong-doing but often I am afraid of truth. I can’t protect as much as I want. I have trust issues. Too many times I hope for the best but expect the worst. Sometimes I don’t even finish what I start.

I usually fail…thank God love doesn’t know how.”

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10 Truths

1. I love my wife more than anyone else.

2. I have over 2,200 Comic Books and growing.

3. Deathly afraid of lice.

4. I’m already thinking about my response to your possible statement you will make to what I’m telling you right now.

5. Enjoy watching people.

6. Cooked supper for Miss America in 1998.

7. Writing and illustrating are my passions.

8. Teenagers make me laugh.

9. I can be bribed with bread.

10. Jesus Christ is all I need.

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Wrong Number

I’m sitting in my office yesterday working on our summer schedule. As I’m working I hear an unfamiliar beeping from my cell phone. I look over and see that I’m receiving an “unavailable” call. Apparently “unavailable” calls or so special they kick out my normal “Meant To Live” ring-tone. But I digress…

The following is my transcribed interpretation of the phone call that ensued:

Me: Hello?

Creepy Man: Yes, could I speak with Jim Carter?

(note: I was surprised to discover former president Jimmy Carter was still alive…and has a Verizon plan.)

Me: I’m sorry, you have the wrong number.

Surprised Creepy Man: *long pause*……*exhales breath very slowly*…Are you sure?

Me: (Little taken aback by the question) Um…yes. You have the wrong number.

Creepier Breathing Man: *short pause*….This is the number I called.

Me: Um…yes, that’s why I answered.

Frustrated Creepy Man: This is his number.

Me: Well, he must have changed it, because this is my number.

Logical Thinking Creepy Man: Ok, well I called 555-1234.

Me: That’s my number.

Matter-of-Fact Creepy Man: No, that’s Jim’s number.

(note: I am now starting to doubt why I answered instead of Jim.)

Me: I don’t know Jim, but I do know this is my number now.

Creepy Sighing Man: *siiiiigh* *pause*

(note: I’m afraid to hang up. For some reason I believe that he will find me.)

Skeptical Creepy Man: ….Alright (sarcastically) I guess I was wrong.

(note: At this point I wonder if I was adopted and my biological father had finally tracked me down. I waited for a “How’s your mother?” or a “Good Gracious! It’s like I’m listening to my own voice.” Also I feel the need to apologize to this man…and I don’t know why. All I did was answer my phone.

Me: Alright.

Somewhat Defeated Creepy Man: *slow exhale* Fine.

Me: Ok.

Have-The-Last-Laugh Creepy Man: I guess I’ll call back later.


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