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A new year. 2011. New day. Fresh start. Old crappy art.

The commitment of family, writing, and work has kept me pretty busy. Maybe my new year’s resolution should be more consistent blogging? Considering I don’t make new year’s resolutions, perhaps that should be my first resolution…probably not.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season. Happy New Year!

Now, for today’s review. If this is your first visit, please refer to Crappy Trapper Keeper Art.

S-Man. Oh how he must be eye candy for the ladies. This sorry use of recycled paper is an amalgam of my early obsessions. Again we have the energy-laser-jet propelled-light show-rocket-feet. This is very similar to Hi-Lo that was posted a few weeks ago. But S-Man does have some distinct individuality. For instance, tiny, protruding spikes on his handsome ankle man cuffs, which (I might add) are delicately mirrored on his dishwasher glove as well.

Clearly S-Man finds himself crammed full of future technology since he has energy-laser-jet propelled-light show-rockets for feet but why keep it so “out there?” Why alienate people with all that future mumbo-jumbo jibber-jab? Let’s connect with our older generation. Enter: The Hook hand. I’m not sure what twisted thought I had (considering I refused to watch scary movies as a child and still not to hot on them now) to chop off the bro’s left hand and attached it to a Jack-in-the-box that’s stuffed into his hat. Clearly I have a deep seeded opinions on pirates and their personal accessories. Hook handed pirates are people too. Wait, that could be a great idea. A movie about pirates. Not just any pirate, but a pirate with a missing hand. It could be the driving theme. Think about it…a pirate movie where the major plot line is centered around a body part! No, that’s a terrible idea.

To sum up, S-Man, with his terrible Batman like cape and belt, “S” symbol that looks like something Zorro created, his abnormal sized neck (which brings serious concerns to whether his father was a giraffe), and his sheer overall craptasticness deserves one hook hand up!

What say you?

As always feel free to share your thoughts, observations, additions and subtractions.


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If you’ve ever wondered if Inspector Gadget had a secret love-child with Rosie the Robot and if that baby was dropped on its head everyday for 20 years while teaching it to smoke….then today is your day!!! Get ready for a big ole curiosity sandwich filled with wonder and awesome!

Here is the first in my series of Crappy Trapper Keeper Art. In case you’re new just click on the link for all the info.

This is the earliest of the bunch. Circa: 1989. Tim Burton’s Batman came out that summer. My oldest brother graduated from high school. It was a good year…until I picked up a pencil.

I have no title for this one. I will simply call it “HILLO” (pronounced Hi-Low). Bask in my child prodiginess.

This begins a series of android-esque people. Some reoccurring themes to take note of:

1. No feet or legs.

2. Some sort of hat or head apparatus.

3. Really terrible drawings created by a monkey with no hands or feet.

Here are some of my thoughts and reflections…

For some odd reason I always started drawing people at the waist. This clever technique always left them with giant abnormal feet and legs and heads smaller than sewer rat (yet again another TMNT reference).

Enjoy and feel free to point out your favorite observations.

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