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A Look into Publishing

Just found a great article about publishing over at Generality.

If you crave the life of a published author it is definitely a must read:


Write on, Writer!


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10 Truths

1. I love my wife more than anyone else.

2. I have over 2,200 Comic Books and growing.

3. Deathly afraid of lice.

4. I’m already thinking about my response to your possible statement you will make to what I’m telling you right now.

5. Enjoy watching people.

6. Cooked supper for Miss America in 1998.

7. Writing and illustrating are my passions.

8. Teenagers make me laugh.

9. I can be bribed with bread.

10. Jesus Christ is all I need.

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Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

I’ve been working away at ministry and the dozen other things on the side. I wanted to share some character profiles I created for a Children’s book I wrote. The book teaches kids about Noah’s Ark and why God would flood the world. Everything is from the point of view of………..you guessed it…BUGS!! Cause who doesn’t love bugs? Am I right? I see that hand!

Let me know what you think? Critiques and comments are always welcome.









































There you go.  And yes I watermarked them. Can’t be too careful on this World Wide Web, because sooner or later this internet-thing is going to take off…so watch out!

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